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Alpine by RRG



EXPERTISE: Front, Back, API, UI & UX development

European e-trade showcase website from the launch and commercialisation of the new model. It is a multi-lingual website that enables geolocation, publication and registration for events. Alpine concierge service: premium contents and services for clients (travel, restaurant bookings, 24h/day concierge service, private events, etc)

Club Alpine

Club Alpine offers exclusive events based on the Alpine art-de-vivre. The members of the Club Alpine (paying membership) have access to preferential rates and a customized premium experience.

Bettina Vermillon

CATEGORY: Web site, online catalogue


EXPERTISE: Development

Bettina Vermillon is a young Parisian creator who has launched her own luxury shoe brand. She wanted to renew her website and offer an online catalogue. We have adapted to the tastes and needs of our client and designed a very modern and sleek website. We wanted the product to be the main element on the website, the focus of all the attention.


CATEGORY: Website, E-trade


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development

Manufacturing of made-to-measure free-fall suits. Interactive configuration (colours, materials, options, etc) and online orders.

Order management, pattern generation for the production line. Multilingual website.

Couleur Soleil



EXPERTISE: Single page, Wordpress

Coucher Soleil is a UV tanning centre at the heart of Aix-en-Provence. Prior to our work it had a Flash website and wanted to update its website. To do this we have designed a dynamic and modern "One Page", browsing is either by scrolling or through the menu. The theme of the website is centred on tanning, with suitable colours and adapted.




TECHNOLOGY: Svelte, API Plateform

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API

We worked on the development of a solution that facilitates parcel drop-off for the general public.
To increase performance and not force users to download an application, we have developed a Single Page Application with the Svelte Javascript framework via an API.

Once the SPA is loaded, there is no more data exchange and the connection quality, the devices used do not influence the smooth running of the application.

https://www.dfdsseaways. fr/ 

Project architecture

Customer pathway - Package delivery


CATEGORY: Site web, Application


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Anti fake-news social network for which we designed the UX. Community platform for reliable statistics-sharing (Insee, IFOP, France Stratégie, CNIL, OCDE…) that are useful for public debate. | Play Store | Apple Store

The Datagora agency designs promotional campaigns and information design for social networks.


CATEGORY:Communication Materials


EXPERTISE: Stationary

The EPTA is a drone piloting training school as well as a model-piloting centre where you can try planes, boats, cars, etc.

We have redesigned the visual identity if the school from the logo to the Professional and Leisure brochure, business cards and the decoration of a window wall.


CATEGORY: Communication


EXPERTISE: Visual identity, communications materials, graphic design

We first created a visual identity for the Ediosmo garden centre. Once this identity was created, we adapted it to different formats and media: Beach Flags, flags, advertising banners, posters for bus stops, loyalty cards, light-up signs.




EXPERTISE: Development, online booking

A sailing boat over 15m for rental on the beautiful island of Porquerolles. To promote the service, the owners of the boat wanted a website to promote their boat and enable online bookings for the holiday rental. We designed a wordpress website so that they could manage it easily and receive bookings live.



TECHNOLOGY: React, Symfony

EXPERTISE: Design, Front end , Back end development, API, UI & UX

Showcase website to present Facets' business.

To facilitate the implementation of the website and its management, we used an API that serves our client's 3 websites. We always seek and find a solution to support the business and complete their project.

Good Morning

CATEGORY: Website, E-trade, Food-Tech


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Good Morning, a subsidiary of Fleury Michon specialised in the delivery of breakfasts in Paris. Development of an e-trade platform to digitalise the product and enable clients to order their meals via the platform rather than by telephone.

Order pathway


CATEGORY: Online showcase website,


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Helipse by Atechsys, designs and manufactures UAV VTOL helicopter drones since 2001. The Showcase website presents their products to the wider public. We designed a visual identity and a model for them, and developed the website.


CATEGORY: Communication materials, Website


EXPERTISE: Visual identity, graphics, development, brochures, business cards

This company on a human scale supports and advises businesses. Inovasub also advises on administrative processes and subsidy requests. They entrusted us with their communications and we designed a modern logo as well as a showcase website to promote their experience.

To support our client's communication, we designed a strong visual identity that is then repeated in brochures and customised business cards. We wanted to create an innovative and reassuring image for this specialist in consultancy.

Jobs by RRG


TECHNOLOGY: React, Symfony

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Recruitment website for the Groupe Renault subsidiary, Renault Retail Group. Available in Europe, this website is multilingual, development for 10 countries with a common section and ome different functions.

We have also developed a tailored ATS that enables them to manage applications in each country's Back Office.

JobsFrance By RRG


TECHNOLOGY: React Admin, Vue, API Plateform

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Recruitment website for the Groupe Renault subsidiary, Renault Retail Group in France. Previously linked to other European countries, France wanted its own ATS to be free to develop it and prioritise a more modern design.

We have also developed a new customised ATS with more functions and the implementation of third-party services.

L_atelier du pilote

CATEGORY: Communication  Media


EXPERTISE: Graphics, paper block, leaflets, business cards

L’Atelier du pilote is a store selling modelling items, they are part of the Atechsys group. Located in Pourrières, the store needed a logo inspired by mechanics. We used the shape of a screw head to design an original pictogram that is adapted to the client's business. The logo was then used to create several visual media such as business cards, post cards, paper blocks and a poster.

La Bastide du Tinal

CATEGORY: Website, visual identity and communication materials


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

We created a stylish and sleek logo, for this location that combines tradition and luxury. We have used it on business cards and leaflets to complete Bastide du Tinal's visual communication.

Then, to match this prestigious place, a distinguished website was a requirement. We chose to leave plenty of space for photos, while keeping the visual identity that we created.

The website is multilingual to meet the needs of the tourism sector.

La Mairie de Saint Marc

CATEGORY: Web Site and communication materials


EXPERTISE: Development, town magazine

Saint Marc Jaumegarde town hall wanted to redesign their website to create something more modern and more functional for users. Because of their need to regularly edit contents, particularly their diary,, we decided on a CMS, for easy administration.

Saint Marc Jaumegarde town hall needed to re-edit their town magazine. The graphic style has been updated, emphasising terroir, Provence and modernity. The magazine was sent to all residents.

La maison du savon de Marseille

CATEGORY:Communication Materials


EXPERTISE: Catalogue of products, business cards, product packaging, communication materials

The Maison du Savon de Marseille entrusted us with the creation of product presentation catalogues (general and pharmacy).

For the release of La Maison du Savon de Marseille's new range of cosmetics, we designed packaging, soap boxes as well as customised paper bags, as well as several types of communication materials: cardboard presentation stands, floor mats and canvasses for trade fairs

Lapp Muller

CATEGORY: Communication


EXPERTISE: Graphic design, communication materials, interactive terminals, 3D animations

Over the years, we worked several times with Lapp Muller to create communication materials for specific events (leaflets, catalogs, logos, goodies, interactive terminals, 3D animation, etc).


CATEGORY: Visual identity, Logo

EXPERTISE: Brand image, Communication materials

Concept and design of Neotiiv Cybersecurity's visual identity that carries out safety scans and safety audits for digital services. Thanks to attack injection engines and artificial intelligence, they can identify security breaches before they are exploited by hackers. The results are compiled in a comprehensive report that summarises and explains vulnerabilities. Purjus supported Neotiiv in the development of its image and its digital communication materials.

Find out more about visual identity design

Quartier des Jantes

CATEGORY: Website, E-trade

TECHNOLOGY: Symfony, Vue

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, UI & UX

The French leader of online wheel rim sales. A comprehensive and ambitious e-trade project, complete graphic and full-responsive re-design. Flow acquisition, stock management, vehicle compatibility, order tracking, multi-payment, message service and After-sales service ticket management.

Imports and order tracking


CATEGORY: Website, E-trade

TECHNOLOGY: Docker, CI, GIT, Symfony, ZPI Platform, Sonata, Elasticsearch, Architecture Hexagonale, MariaDB, React, Vue.js, AngularJS, Webpack, Sass

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

The distribution subsidiary for Groupe Renault, second European car distribution group. New and second-hand vehicle sales, associated services (financing, insurance, rentals), after-sales services (spare part sales, bodywork, mechanics, breakdown assistance).

management platform for retailers (decision-making support tools, centralisation of SI flows, analysis of conversion funnels, stock management tools, leads, promotions, campaigns, landing pages, etc).

Key figures for the project:

  • Leads per year > 30K
  • Unique visitors per year > 2.5M
  • Historic client for 7 years
  • Average work days per year 1500 d/p



TECHNOLOGY: React, Symfony

EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, API, UI & UX

Sodicam² is an after-sales subsidiary of Groupe Renault. It manages parts, accessories, services and paints for dealerships. We worked on the development of their HR recruitment website and their application management platform.

Recruitment process


Publish an offer in Back Office

Front Office

Apply for a position


Manage an application

Soucaret Architecte



EXPERTISE: Development

Agnès and Raphaël Soucaret are architects and opened their agency in 2008. Very attached to sustainable materials, their creations are both sober and sleek. To present their work, we have created a showcase website in which their references and creations are promoted. We chose to design an easy to maintain CMS so that our clients can publish their news regularly and easily.


e-shop Atelier Renault

CATEGORY: Website, e-trade


EXPERTISE: Front-end, Back-end development, UI & UX

The Atelier Renault is a large store on the Champs-Elysées. It sells Renault spin-off products as well as services (restaurants, events, etc) and fun activities. To extend the service, the client wished to create an online store. We have designed an e-trade website for Atelier Renault.

Other partners

  • Renault
  • Salomon
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Logic-immo
  • La Maison du Savon de Marseille
  • Sogeti
  • Beuchat
  • Atechsys
  • LappGroup
  • Air France
  • Fleury Michon
  • Elsan
  • Experf
  • Derichebourg
  • Saint-Marc Jaumegarde
  • DynamR

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